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About the board

The Animal Control Advisory Board was established in 1998 by an act of the Kentucky General Assembly. The duties of the Board include making recommendations to the Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture relating to animal control issues, evaluating applications for disbursement of animal care and control funds, establishing shelter standards, and creating training programs.

Members are appointed by the Governor to four-year terms and are nominated by the Kentucky Association of Counties, the Kentucky Animal Control Association, the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association, Kentucky Farm Bureau, the Kentucky Houndsmen Association, and the Kentucky League of Cities.

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Mission Statement

The Animal Control Advisory Board seeks to reduce the number of homeless companion animals and set high standards for facilities that care for those animals in Kentucky. This will improve the lives of our pets, reduce expenses for local governments, and address the public health hazard of homeless animals in the Commonwealth.

    What we do

  • Sponsor training sessions for animal control, animal behavior, and the humane administration of euthanasia
  • Make available grant funds for the construction of new animal shelters or renovation of existing shelters using appropriations from the Kentucky General Assembly
  • Award grants to Kentucky governmental agencies for purchase of equipment to help animal control officers perform their duties safely and efficiently
  • Award grants for local spay/neuter programs with funds from the sale of the Kentucky spay/neuter plate and from donations

Board Members

Elbert Bennett

Caldwell County magistrate
Kentucky Association of Counties

Stephen Devary

Kentucky Houndsmen

Gerald P. Foley

Kentucky AniMichaelmal Care and
Control Association

Cathy Gilbert

Kentucky League
of Cities

Sarah Beth Guffey

Kentucky Farm

Donna Herzig

Kentucky Houndsmen

Terry A. Rowlett

Kentucky Farm

Mark S. Smith

Kentucky Veterinary
Medical Association

Diane Whalen

Kentucky League
of Cities