Pets and their families

Pets are family. Every pet owner knows this. Whether you go for long walks, play games, or curl up with a book, you and your pet are inseparable.

Taking a shelter pet home can be an especially rewarding experience. You are getting a companion who will love you no matter what. Your pet is getting a forever home and an end to the uncertainty of being lost and alone.

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Pet Photo album

Sarah and Anna with their dogs Will and Tucker.

Tammie and her shelter dog Magic Mike.

Shirley and her rescue dog Macey.

Pat and her rescue dog Bouncer.

Carol and her shelter dog Scout.

Shelter dog JJ with Cindy Sage and her friend.

Shelter dog Bo with Ellen Morell and Kevin Belford.

Shelter dog Will with Quinton Goodman.

Lindsay, Mallory, Will, Nina and their pet Romeo.

Sheila and her pet cat Rowdy.

Cathy and her pet Miss Maggie Pants.

Joe and his foster dog Herman.