Why spay and neuter?

Spaying or neutering your pet is the single most important choice you make as an animal owner to enable your animal companion to live a long and healthy life.


How can I help?

Kentucky Spay/Neuter license plate sales have generated more than $610,000 that have been awarded as grants for local spay/neuter campaigns.


Find a shelter near you

Use our interactive map to find a shelter, whether you’re interested in volunteering, looking for a lost pet, or seeking to add a companion animal to your family.

Buy a plate or donate

Spay and Neuter your pets

You can help reduce the population of homeless animals in Kentucky. Buy the Spay/Neuter License Plate, donate online, or donate by mail. order online

Shelter spotlight

Hear from pet owners Jessamine County

The power of a professionally-run organization, social media, and human kindness came together last summer to save the life of a starving dog that allegedly had been left to fend for itself. read more

Hear from pet owners

Happy pets with families

Hear from pet owners

Pets are family. Every pet owner knows this. Whether you go for long walks, play games, or curl up with a book, you and your pet are inseparable.

Hear from pet owners read more